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Accessing the cash drawer back-end operations

The cash drawer back-end operations are available in the Cash Drawer History report, which is a section of the Sales Report. The Cash Drawer History report lists all the active cash drawers in the restaurant. The same set of cash drawer back-end operations is available for each cash drawer.


Before issuing a back-end cash drawer operation, make sure that you are viewing the appropriate cash drawer.

The Cash entries section of the Cash Drawer History report contains the Update Entries drop-down menu, as shown in this example:

The cash drawer back-end operations available in the Cash Drawer History report.

To access the cash drawer operations in the Toast administration back-end

  1. Access the Toast administration back-end.

  2. Choose Reports > Cash and loss management > Drawer history to open the Cash Drawer History report.

  3. Locate the desired cash drawer listed across the top and scroll to the bottom of its column.

  4. At the bottom of the column, click View.

  5. In the Cash entries section, click the Update Entries drop-down menu to display the available cash management operations:

    The Update Entries drop-down menu in the Toast administration back-end.