This guide will be removed on April 29, 2022. Please use our new, easier-to-use Toast technical documentation site. All updated content is on the new site.


When you open the Orders Hub screen, the Active tab is the default view. The Active tab displays orders that are currently being prepared. To mark an Active order as Order Ready, click the Order Ready button. Orders Hub purges orders in the Active tab at the end of the business day.

Each order entry in the Active tab displays the following information:

  • Check number.

  • Guest name, if available.

  • Guest phone number, if available.

  • Date and time when the guest placed the order.

  • Dining option. For example, Delivery or Pickup.

  • Delivery status or payment status. For a full list of delivery statuses available for orders fulfilled by Toast Delivery Services (TDS), see Delivery by Toast Delivery Services Status Reference.

  • Dining behavior. For example, Delivery is displayed for off-premise orders.

  • Order due time. The time when the order should be ready for delivery or pickup. If the order is due on another date which is not the current date, the date appears next to the due time.

Clicking an Active order entry displays detailed order information. The following information is available:

  • Check number.

  • Guest name, if available.

  • Tab name, if available. Tab name settings can be configured in the Toast administration back-end.

  • Guest phone number, if available.

  • Guest delivery address, if available.

  • Guest email address, if available.

  • Fulfillment type. This includes any special delivery instructions. For more information about delivery instructions, see Customizing Delivery and Pickup Instructions.

  • Toast Delivery Services (TDS) reference, if applicable.

  • Name of delivery person, if available.

  • Phone number of delivery person if available.

  • Menu item(s) in the order.

  • Order subtotal, tax, and total amount.

  • Service Charge (Svc), if applicable.

In the detailed order information view, actions are available. Available actions may vary depending on the fulfillment type.

  • Print: Print order information to a printer that’s configured to work with the Toast POS device.

  • Update: Update or edit an order on the Quick Order screen. The Update option is available for orders placed through online ordering channels, however Toast support recommends that you avoid using the Update button to update or void an order. Updates or modifications to an order must be made through the online ordering channel. Updating an online ordering channel order can affect Marketplace Facilitator Taxes reporting. You can only update orders placed on your restaurant’s Toast Online Ordering website or the Toast TakeOut app.

  • Pay $: This opens the payment screen. The Pay $ button is only active when the guest has not paid for their order yet.

  • Order Ready: This signals that the order is ready for pickup or delivery and moves the order to the Order Ready tab.

  • Redispatch: This requests a new delivery person to deliver this order. The button is active as long as the order has not already been redispatched. The button can only be pressed once.