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Adding USB Card Readers

Adding a MagTek or Ingenico USB card reader to a Toast POS device is basically a plug-and-play procedure. No pairing is required, and the card reader's configuration is automatically added to the Card Readers section of the Device Setup screen when you connect the card reader.


If your Toast POS device has a configured Bluetooth card reader and you then attach a USB card reader, the Bluetooth configuration is overwritten by the USB settings. The Bluetooth card reader in the Device Setup > Card Readers section is replaced by the USB card reader.

To connect a USB card reader to a Toast POS device

  1. Using a USB cable, connect the card reader to the Android device.

    The following Android dialog displays:

    The Bluetooth easy pairing configuration option on the Toast POS device.
  2. Enable the Use by default for this USB device option and tap OK. Choosing this option means that this card reader is used when the Toast POS app starts.

  3. After adding the card reader, you should verify that it is recognized by the Toast POS system. To do so, place an order (for example, from the Quick Order screen).You should see a Card reader ready message at the bottom of the screen.

After you have added the card reader, you can provide a custom name, as the card reader is listed by its MAC (media access control) address in the Device Setup > Card Readers section.