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Adding modifiers to a modifier group

Modifier groups contain individual modifiers that allow guests to customize their orders. For example, a Dinner Salad menu item might have a Salad Dressing modifier group that contains modifiers such as Balsamic Vinaigrette and Ranch.

To add and customize the modifiers in a modifier group, you use the Modifiers section of the Create modifier group or Edit modifier group page. The Modifiers section contains a Modifiers table that lists the modifiers in the modifier group you are creating or editing:

Here are some important points to keep in mind when working with modifiers:

  • To reduce the number of modifiers you have to manage, add existing modifiers to modifier groups whenever possible instead of creating new ones. For example, a Breakfast Sides modifier group and a Burger Toppings modifier group could share a Bacon modifier.

  • If a modifier is used by more than one modifier group:

    • When you edit the modifier, it is edited for all the modifier groups that use it.

    • When you remove the modifier from one of the modifier groups, the other modifier groups continue to use it.

  • You must add at least one modifier to a modifier group before you can save the group.

The following sections provide more information on adding and working with modifiers: