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Allowing default modifier options to charge their modifier price


This feature is in limited release.

You can specify whether the default modifiers in a modifier group are allowed to charge their configured price. For example, consider a Caesar Salad menu item that costs $10 and has a Chicken default modifier that costs $5. When a Caesar Salad is added to the order, the Chicken default modifier is also automatically added. The price of the Caesar salad itself is $10 and the price of the chicken is $5, making the total cost $15.

The price of a default modifier is defined in the modifier's underlying item reference. You can use any of the pricing strategies that are compatible with modifier option item references when defining the price of a default modifier.

To allow default modifier options to charge their modifier price

  1. In the Modifier Pricing Method section of a modifier group's details page, set the Select where pricing is set configuration option is set to either Additional charge - price set by modifier group or Additional charge - price set on individual modifiers. One of these settings is required to gain access to the Default Modifiers and Substitutions section.

  2. If necessary, specify the pricing for the modifier options in the modifier group you are editing.

  3. In the Default Modifiers and Substitutions section, set the Allow default modifiers to charge their configured price configuration option to Yes - Charge modifier price.

  4. Save your changes.

  5. If you are done editing prices for your menus, publish your changes.

For more information on configuring default modifiers, see this Toast Central article.