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Back-end cash drawer operations

A subset of the cash drawer operations on the Toast POS device are also available on the Toast administration back-end. You therefore have the option of using a web browser instead of a Toast POS device to perform these cash drawer operations. Note that you cannot make Cash Payments (that is, cash transactions for guest orders) into a cash drawer from the back-end.

The cash drawer operations available on the Toast administrative back-end are the following:

  • All the During Shift operations (except for the No Sale operation).

  • The Close Drawer operation.

  • The Adjust Starting Balance operation.

The results of these back-end operations update the cash drawer as seen on the Toast POS device. For example, if you make a Cash Out entry from the back-end, it has the same effect on the cash drawer as if you had made the entry from the Toast POS device.

If you need to perform any cash drawer operation that is not available on the back-end (such as re-opening a closed drawer), you must use the Toast POS device.

The following sections describe how to work with the cash drawer back-end operations.