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Creating cash drawers

This procedure assumes that you have a physical cash drawer connected to a printer and the printer has been connected to your Toast network.

You need the Web Setup > Kitchen / Dining Room Setup permission to configure a printer and its cash drawer.

To configure a new cash drawer

  1. Access the Toast administration back-end.

  2. Choose Payments > Checks & receipt setup > Printers and cash drawers to open the Printers and Cash Drawers page.

  3. Click the + Add button.

  4. In the Printer Configuration page, enter the basic configuration information for the printer. The more important fields are:

    • Name: Enter the name of the printer.

    • Model: Select the printer model that you are using.

    • IP Address: Enter the IP address of the printer that has been configured to the device.

  5. Configure the fields in the Cash Drawers Configuration section:

    • Cash Drawer: Select One Cash Drawer (if there is only one cash drawer connected to the terminal) or Two Cash Drawers (if dual cash drawers are connected to the terminal).

    • Cash Drawer Name: Enter the name of the cash drawer (maximum of 30 characters). Use a descriptive name that helps your employees differentiate among multiple cash drawers when viewing them from the Toast POS device.

    • Cash Drawer Delay: This field is intended for internal use, and should be set only by a Toast support person. The field specifies the amount of time (between 0 and 5000 milliseconds, inclusive) to wait before the open-drawer command is issued. Blank assumes the default command delay of 0 milliseconds.

  6. Configure the Primary Cash Drawer fields:

    • Starting Cash Drawer Balance: Enter the default starting balance of the cash drawer.

    • Reset Balance Type: Specify how the starting balance of a new cash drawer is set when the current instance of the drawer is closed: Automatic means the new cash drawer automatically uses the Starting Cash Drawer Balance amount, while Manual means the employee must manually enter the starting balance for the new cash drawer.

  7. If you have configured dual cash drawers, configure the Secondary Cash Drawer fields. Their settings can be identical to or different from the Primary Cash Drawer fields.

  8. When you have finished, save and publish your changes.