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Configuring cash in drawer or cash in hand

Restaurants typically use one of two modes for how employees (such as servers or bartenders) handle cash payments:

  • Cash in drawer: Employees use a cash drawer for all cash payments. The employees do not carry cash, which means they must use the cash drawer to make change. At the end of their shift, employees should not owe the restaurant for any cash payments. (Note that the Tip Out configuration may require employees to declare cash tips.)

  • Cash in hand: Employees use a personal cash bank for cash payments and do not interact with a cash drawer during their shift. At the end of their shift, employees are expected to pay the restaurant the cash payments they have received. Your Cash Drawer History report will have a Cash in Hand entry for these payments.

Based on the needs of the restaurant (such as for job roles or revenue centers), a restaurant can use both modes. For example, bartenders could use the cash in drawer mode, while servers could use cash in hand.

An employee handling cash payments (either cash in drawer or cash in hand) must have the Apply Cash Payments permission. In addition, the employee's Toast POS device must have the Allow Cash Payments device setting enabled, as described in the following procedure.

To configure a Toast POS device for a cash drawer mode

  1. Access Toast POS device setup.

  2. On the Device Setup screen, tap Allow Cash Payments.

    The "Allow Cash Payments" dialog is displayed on the Toast POS device.
  3. On the Allow Cash Payments dialog, select Accept cash payments to allow an employee to accept cash payments on the device. Keep in mind the employee must also have the POS Access > Apply Cash Payments permission.

    You can select No cash payments if you want to prevent employees from accepting cash payments on the device, regardless of whether they have the Apply Cash Payment permission. For example, you can set this to No cash payments on a device mounted in a kitchen and used as a kitchen display system (KDS) device.

  4. Tap Save to return to the Device Setup screen.

  5. On the Device Setup screen, tap Open Cash Drawer.

    The "Open Cash Drawer" dialog is displayed on the Toast POS device.
  6. On the Open Cash Drawer dialog, select the appropriate mode:

    • Select Automatically open drawer to enable cash in drawer mode. Select this mode if the cash drawer needs to open for each cash payment. This option will also assign all cash payments to the drawer selected.

    • Select Don't open cash drawer to enable cash in hand mode.

  7. Tap Save.