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Cash drawer names

You can optionally configure names for cash drawers, so that the printer and the cash drawer will each have a distinct name. If you do not configure a cash drawer name, the printer name is used as the name of the cash drawer.

Note these two scenarios:

  • If the printer has two cash drawers, you configure one cash drawer name (such as Bar Drawer) and the Primary and Secondary suffixes are automatically added to the names of each cash drawer (such as Bar Drawer - Primary for the primary cash drawer and Bar Drawer - Secondary for the secondary cash drawer).

  • If there are multiple instances of the same cash drawer (such as by using the New Drawer option on the Toast POS device), an ordinal suffix is added to the name. For example, a new drawer created from the Patio Drawer will be named Patio Drawer (2).

The cash drawer name appears in the Toast administration back-end in areas of the Cash Activity Audit and the Cash Drawer History reports. In addition, all areas on the Toast POS device that reference cash drawers will display the cash drawer name, not the associated printer name.

You can assign a cash drawer name when you create or update a cash drawer with the Payments > Checks & receipt setup > Printers and cash drawers page in the Toast administration back-end.