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Cash drawer states

A cash drawer can be in one of the following cash drawer states:

  • Active: The cash drawer is in use. That is, it is taking cash entries of any type, including cash transactions for orders (Cash Payments).

  • Open: The cash drawer is not in use. It is not taking Cash Payments for orders, but can accept other types of cash entries (such as Cash In or Pay Out entries). The drawer has not yet been closed, which means that the drawer's expected cash balance has not been verified and entered into the Toast POS.

  • Closed: The cash drawer is not taking cash entries of any type and has been closed (the bills have been counted and the actual closing balance has been entered into Toast).

Cash drawers begin as active drawers and typically have one of these state workflows:

  • An active drawer is replaced with the New Drawer button and becomes an open drawer. Later, the open drawer is closed (using the Close Drawer button) and becomes a closed drawer.

  • An active drawer is closed with the Close Drawer button and becomes a closed drawer.

You can change the state of cash drawers as needed during restaurant business hours. For example, you can re-open a closed drawer so that it becomes an open drawer, adjust the cash balance to resolve a cash discrepancy, and then close the drawer again.


At 4 AM closeout, cash drawers are automatically closed. If a restaurant is offline during that time, employees will be unable to create a new cash drawer.

Cash drawers for the restaurant are listed in the Cash Drawers screen on the Toast POS device. You can access this screen by tapping the Toast logo (until the Toast POS home screen displays) and selecting Cash Management > Cash Drawers. The screen has three tabs: ACTIVE, OPEN, and CLOSED, as shown in this abbreviated example:

The Toast POS device showing the Cash Drawers screen.

The following sections provide more information about the cash drawer states.