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Cash Drop

Cash Drop entries remove cash from an active or open drawer. The cash is usually transferred to a different restaurant location (such as a safe) for safekeeping. The Cash Drop amount cannot exceed the cash drawer's current balance.

Cash Drop entries are made if the cash drawer has more money than the restaurant prefers. For example, a Cash Drop can be used to limit the amount of money lost in case of a robbery or employee theft. A Cash Drop is also made if the cash drawer is so full that it cannot accept further cash transactions.

To make a Cash Drop entry

  1. In the cash drawer, tap the Cash Drop button.

  2. In the Cash Drop numeric keypad, enter the cash drop amount and tap Done.

    The Toast POS device showing the Cash Drop numeric keypad.

As a result, a Cash Drop action for the removed amount (as a negative dollar amount) is made in the cash drawer, along with the name of the employee who made the cash drop. This information will also be listed in the Reports > Cash and loss management > Cash activity audit report.

A Cash Drop slip is also printed, with the restaurant name at the top followed by this information:

  • From: the name of the cash drawer from which the money was removed.

  • To: the location to which the money was transferred. This will be the restaurant account (listed as House).

  • By: the name of the employee who made the Cash Drop.

  • Current Cash Balance: the cash drawer balance before the Cash Drop was made.

  • Cash Amount Dropped: the amount of cash removed from the cash drawer with this Cash Drop transaction.

  • New Cash Balance: the new balance of the cash drawer after the removal of the Cash Drop amount. This dollar amount should be the same as the Balance field in the cash drawer.

  • Employee Signature: a signature line for the employee who made the Cash Drop.

  • Manager Signature: a signature line for the manager.