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Adding cash entries from the back-end

The Update Entries menu lets you make these cash entries:

  • The Add Cash In Entry selection provides Cash In and Cash Collected operations.

  • The Add Cash Out Entry selection provides Cash Out, Tip Out, and Pay Out operations..

  • The Add Cash Drop Entry selection is for Cash Drop operations.

These operations are functionally similar to those on the Toast POS device, which are described in During Shift operations. Note that the user name displayed in the cash drawer for the action is the name of the employee who is logged into the Toast administrative back-end.

To make a cash entry from the back-end

  1. In the Update Entries drop-down menu, select a cash entry, such as Add Cash Out Entry.

  2. In the cash entry dialog box, select an action, such as Pay Out.

  3. Enter the cash entry amount in the Amount field.

  4. Optionally, use the Comment field to enter a descriptive comment about the cash entry.

    At this point, the dialog box should look like this example:

    A cash entry done from the Toast administrative back-end.
  5. Click Submit.

The cash entry is listed in the Cash entries section of the Cash Drawer History report and also in the cash drawer on the Toast POS device.