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Cash Out

Cash Out entries remove cash from active and open drawers. The Cash Out amount cannot exceed the cash drawer's current balance.

Optionally, the employee can enter a custom reason for the entry as a comment. Comments are useful as they appear on sales-related reports and provide managers with information about the reason for the entry.

To make a Cash Out entry

  1. In the cash drawer, tap the Cash Out button.

  2. In the Select an action dialog, do the following:

    The Toast POS device showing the Cash Out dialog.
    1. Select the Cash Out action.

    2. Enter a reason for the entry in the Comments field (optional, but recommended).

    3. Tap OK.

  3. In the New cash entry numeric keypad, enter the cash out amount and tap Done.

As a result, a Cash Out action for the removed amount is entered in the cash drawer, together with the name of the employee who made the entry. This information (including a comment for the entry) will also be listed in the Reports > Cash and loss management > Cash activity audit report.