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Check and item discounts

You can configure and apply discounts that affect the price of an entire restaurant check or that affect the price of an individual menu item in a check.

  • Check discounts apply to all of the items in a restaurant check. For example, a 10% discount for senior citizens might apply to all items that a senior citizen orders in a check.

  • Item discounts apply to specific items in a check. For example, a 10% discount on tomato soup only applies to a bowl of tomato soup that a customer orders in a check. It does not apply to any of the other items in that check. As another example, a 100% discount might apply to any menu item if a restaurant wanted to give, or comp, a specific item for a dissatisfied customer.

Some Toast discount types can apply to either checks or items. You can configure a currency amount or a percent discount to apply to either a check or an item.

Toast discount types for combinations of items, such as Buy One Get One (BOGO) discounts, do not apply directly to either items or checks.

For more information about discount types, see Discount types.