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The settings in this section determine how you describe your Toast loyalty program to your guests.


Setting Options and Description

Program Name

Enter a custom name for your restaurant's Toast loyalty program in the box. If you do not enter a name, the default name displayed on the page is used.

Default Description

This is a description of your restaurant's Toast loyalty program that explains accrual and redemption rules. This description is displayed to guests across the Toast platform when they sign up for the program. Guests see this description on Toast POS devices, printed receipts, kiosks, your restaurant's Toast online ordering page, your restaurant's unique sign up link, and in the emails they receive about their loyalty account.

Additional Description

Enter additional details about your restaurant's Toast loyalty program in the box. If entered, this description is appended to the Default Description.

Custom Description > Enabled?

This setting determines whether a custom description is used to describe your loyalty program across the Toast platform.

To display a custom description instead of the default description, turn on the Enabled? toggle. When the Enabled? toggle is turned on, enter a description in the Custom Description box.

When enabled, the custom description replaces all instances of the default description across the Toast platform.