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Custom amount refunds

Because custom amount refunds do not require the selection of items or service charges, they only affect the total Net Sales and Tip amounts in reports.

Custom amount refunds do not affect the following:

  • Revenue centers

  • Dining options

  • Tax rates

  • Discounts

  • Service periods

  • Service areas

A custom refund is shown as a unique line item in the Sales Category table of the Reports > Sales > Sales summary report, with a negative value in the Net Sales column. This ensures that the figures in this report add up to equal the total Net Sales amounts in other Toast reports.

Sales Category table that contains an entry for custom amount refunds

Payments that are refunded using the custom amount refund type still appear in the Payments Summary table.

Finally, when you refund a custom amount, you also specify whether to also refund any portion of the check's tip. If you refund the tip when you refund a custom amount, then tip amounts in reports also decrease.