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How discounts are auto-applied to checks

The Toast platform applies auto-apply discounts as follows:

Multiple auto-apply discounts on a check

Multiple discounts can be auto-applied to the same check.

For example, both a check-level bulk discount and an item-level discount can be auto-applied to a check.

Applying the same auto-apply discount multiple times

The same auto-apply discount can apply multiple times to the same check, as long as the check has eligible items that have not been discounted.

For example, an auto-apply BOGO discount with a buy item of one cheese pizza and a get item of one small drink is auto-applied twice if the check has two cheese pizzas and two small drinks.

You cannot limit the number of times the discount is auto-applied to a check.

Effect of splitting a check

Splitting a check re-validates an order, which removes all discounts on all checks, and then auto-applies all discounts to all checks in the order.

Effect of sending a check

When a restaurant employee sends a check (by pressing Pay, Send, or Stay), all auto-applied discounts are removed from the check and then re-applied.

This refresh ensures that the discounts are applied to the correct items on the check, including items added after the discount was first auto-applied.

Manually-applied discounts are never removed.