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Determining the sequencing of auto-applied discounts

You can control the sequence in which to auto-apply discounts.

The discounts are auto-applied to a check based on the display sequence on the Discounts page.

On the Discounts page, the Order button allows you to define the display sequence of your discounts on the page:

Order button on the Discounts page

To configure the application sequence for auto-applied discounts

  1. Click the Order button.

    An Order column is added to the front of the list. If you previously configured the sequence, then the current sequence values are displayed.

    Discounts that do not have a configured sequence number are at the bottom of the list, and have an empty value for Order.

    Order column on the Discounts page
  2. In the Order column, update the sequence numbers to reflect the sequence in which to apply auto-applied discounts.

    As you edit the sequence numbers, the discount rows are moved to reflect the new sequence.

  3. When you are finished, to hide the Order column, click the Order button.