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Configuring item consolidation

You can use the Consolidate Menu Items option to configure your restaurant to show selected identical items on the order screen as consolidated items or as separate items.

The Consolidate Menu Items option is available in the Front of house > Order screen setup > UI options page in the Toast administration back-end.

The available values are:

  • Yes (the default) - Indicates to group items as one item. The Qty (quantity) column lists the number of items in the group. For example, three Pie menu items are consolidated on one line with a Qty of 3.

    Toast POS screen showing a consolidated item
  • No - Each menu item is listed on a separate line. The Qty column for each item is set to 1. For example, three Pie menu items are listed separately, each with a Qty of 1.

    Toast POS screen showing items that are not consolidated