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Adding or updating a promo code

From the Promo Codes list, you can add new promo codes and update the configuration of existing promo codes.

To add or update a discount promo code

  1. On the discount configuration page, scroll down to the Promo Codes section

  2. To add a new promo code, click Add Promo Code. An empty promo code row is added to the list.

    Promo Codes list with a new promo code added

    To edit an existing promo code, click the field that you want to edit.

  3. In the Code field, enter the text string for the promo code. You can also scan a barcode into this field.

    For more information about code values, see Code value.

  4. In the Description field, optionally enter any descriptive information about the promo code.

  5. To make a promo code single use, check the Single Use check box.

    For more information about single-use promo codes, see Single use promo codes.

  6. Optionally, set the date range during which the promo code is valid.

    To set the Start Date or End Date, click the calendar icon, then use the date picker to select the date.

    To clear the configured Start Date and End Date, click Clear Date.

    For more information about the effective dates for promo codes, see Promo code effective dates.

  7. Save and publish your changes.