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Requiring promo codes for discounts

You can optionally add one or more promo codes to any type of discount that is not auto-applied. A promo code is a text string or a scannable barcode that is assigned to a discount.

When the restaurant employee selects the discount on the order screen, the Toast POS app prompts them for a promo code. The discount is applied to the check only if the employee enters the correct promo code. A restaurant can also allow employees to search for promo codes in order to apply the corresponding discount.

Promo codes are especially useful when your restaurant is running specials or campaigns. Guests can inform the server about the promo code, and then the server uses it to add the discount to the check.

A promo code can have effective dates to determine when the promo code is valid.

A promo code can also be single use, meaning that each guest can only use the promo code once to apply the discount. To track the promo code usage, the guest provides a telephone number.