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Viewing a bulk discount on the Toast POS app

On the Toast POS app order screen, when you apply a bulk discount to a check, the items to which the discount applies are grouped under the name of the discount.

For example, a bulk discount named BulkCheck is configured as follows:

  • Wings is the required item.

  • Min Quantity is 2.

  • Max Quantity is 6.

The discount is applied to a check that has eight wings items.

On the Toast POS app:

  • Six of the wings items receive the discount, because Max Quantity is 6. Those wings items are grouped under the BulkCheck discount name.

  • The remaining two wings items are listed separately and are not discounted.

Toast POS app screen showing a bulk discount that is applied to a group of Wings items

In this example, you could apply the same BulkCheck discount to the two remaining, undiscounted wings items. In this scenario, the second application of the discount is valid. The remaining items were not discounted - they are a different set of eligible items. They also satisfy the requirements of the bulk discount (a required item of wings, a Min Quantity of 2, and a Max Quantity of 6).