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Combo discounts with both taxed and tax-exempt items

You can have a combo discount in which one item is taxed and another is tax-exempt. In this case, the items are weighed within the combo, and the tax is the ratio of the taxed item within the combo discount.

For example, assume this combo discount:

NonTaxed item: $5.00
Taxed item: $10.00 and taxed at 10%
Combo price for both items: $12.00

Based on the weighing, the new price of the Taxed item is calculated as $8.00 and the NonTaxed item as $4.00, which adds up to the $12.00 price of the discount.

The tax is assigned based on the price after the weighing. This means that the tax on the Taxed item is $0.80 ($8.00 * 10%) The tax on the NonTaxed item is $0.00. The total tax is $0.80.

The total of the discounted check is $12.80, which is the sum of the combo discount price and the tax.