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Effect on applicable BOGO discounts

BOGO discounts are also affected if their buy and get items are used up:

  • If you first apply an exclusive check-level discount to a check, you cannot subsequently apply a nonexclusive BOGO discount. The buy and get items are marked as used up by the exclusive discount.

  • If two nonexclusive BOGO discounts use the same buy item (for example, a large pizza) but different get items, you can apply both nonexclusive BOGO discounts only if the order has two or more large pizzas on it.

    The first BOGO discount uses one of the large pizza items as its buy item. The second BOGO discount uses the second large pizza item as its buy item.

    However, if the order has only one large pizza, you cannot apply both nonexclusive BOGO discounts. The first BOGO discount uses up the buy item that is needed by the second nonexclusive BOGO discount.