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Options for managing discounts

The Discounts page includes the following options to manage discounts:

Add a Discount

Creates a new discount. See Adding or updating discounts.


Sets the sequence in which to auto-apply discounts. See Automatically applying discounts.

Show All Promo Codes

For discounts that have promo codes, displays the promo code information below the discount. For each promo code, displays the Code, Description, Status, Start Date, and End Date fields.

Discounts that do not have configured promo codes do not display the promo code subsection.

From the displayed promo code information, you can edit the Code and Description fields. You cannot edit the promo code's effective dates. See Requiring promo codes for discounts.

When you click Show All Promo Codes, the button label changes to Hide All Promo Codes. Click Hide All Promo Codes to hide all the promo code information and change the button label to Show All Promo Codes.

Show Archived

Replaces the current list of discounts with the list of archived discounts.

To return to the list of non-archived discounts, click Back to Discounts.

See Archiving and restoring discounts.

Show/Hide Columns

Selects which columns to show or hide on the Discounts page.

You can individually show or hide the Number, Name, Type, Applies to, Value, Target, Owner, and Active columns.

To show all of the available columns, choose Select All.

The Target and Owner columns are available only for restaurants that use the multi-location management module.

When you refresh the Discounts page, all changes that were applied by the Show All Promo Codes and Show/Hide Columns controls are removed. The page returns to its default settings.