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Enabling Bluetooth Easy Pairing

If you are adding a MagTek eDynamo or MagTek BulleT Bluetooth card reader, you should use the Bluetooth easy pairing method, instead of manually pairing the card reader.

The pairing procedure requires a PIN code. If you use the manual pairing method, you must enter the PIN in the pairing dialog. However, the easy pairing method automatically enters the PIN in the pairing dialog box for you, so that you do not have to remember it.


Easy pairing is not supported for Ingenico iCMP Bluetooth card readers. This is because the MagTek card readers have the same common PIN code (which can be used on any device), while the Ingenico iCMP card readers have a generated PIN code for each device.

To use the Bluetooth easy pairing method, you must enable it for the Toast POS device on which the card reader will be added.

To enable Bluetooth easy pairing on a Toast POS device

  1. Access the Toast POS Device Setup.

  2. On the Device Setup screen, scroll down to the Bluetooth easy pairing option.

  3. Toggle the switch to the right (the on position). A blue dot displays to indicate the option is enabled.

    The Bluetooth easy pairing configuration option on the Toast POS device.

    To disable the Bluetooth easy pairing feature, toggle the Bluetooth easy pairing switch to the left (the off position).