This guide will be removed on April 29, 2022. Please use our new, easier-to-use Toast technical documentation site. All updated content is on the new site.

Employees Page Updates in 2020

On 03-03-2020, the Employees page that you access through Labor > Employees of the Toast administration back-end was updated. The following are a summary of the user interface and access permissions changes to the page:

  • Search box added to all tabs. Active Employees, All Employees, Invited Employees, Archived Employees and Restaurant Group tabs all now have a search box.

  • Tab name and persistence

    • Selected tab now remains selected after a browser refresh. For example, if you are on the Archived Employees tab and refresh the browser, you remain on this tab. Previously, the tab switched to Active Employees.

    • Title displayed in a browser’s tab now matches the tab’s name on the page.

  • Users per page selector removed. Now all pages show 25 results per page.

  • Hover text added on more fields which allows overflowing characters to be identified on hover.

The following are the specific tab updates:

  • Active Employees

    • Employee data export

      • Column order and column titles changed. For example, Job 1 Title, Job 2 Title, and so on are collapsed into one column titled Job Descriptions which lists all the jobs that the user possesses.

      • Filename includes more exact time data. For example, active-employees-2020-02-19T19-40-28-897Z.csv instead of active_employees__2020_02_19.csv.

      • Passcode removed from the employees export.

    • Hover text for changed from Export to excel to Export to .csv.

    • New fields added to search. You can now search employees by job or employee ID.

  • All Employees

    • Only users with access to the Employees page at a location (through the Employee Info, Employee Jobs & Wages, and/or User Permissions permission) and any permission at one or more other location(s) or group(s) can now see and access this tab. Previously, users with access to the Employees page had access to this at locations using restaurant groups. Some users lost access to the All Employees tab as a result of this change.

    • Invited and archived users no longer displayed.

    • The way emails are masked changed.

    • Ability to search by email removed.

    • Style changed for first and last page indicator buttons. They are no longer double chevron buttons, but instead indicate the page number of the first or last page.

  • Invited Employees

    • When re-inviting a user, a confirmation dialog is displayed where you confirm where you confirm that you want to re-invite the user.

    • New search box added. You can now search invited users by email.

  • Archived Employees

    • The tab is no longer hidden when there are no entries.

    • Only shows the most recently archived restaurant users. Previously, this page showed multiple representations of the same archived restaurant user.

    • New search box added. You can now search archived users using all fields visible on this tab.

  • Restaurant Group

    • You now need access to only one or more restaurant groups. To access this tab, you still need access to the Employees page (through the Employee Info, Employee Jobs & Wages, and/or User Permissions permission) and the Employee Info permission in at least one group. Previously, you also needed access (but not necessarily permissions) in a second group.

    • Employee photos removed.

    • User interface updated. It now shows a list of users with restaurant group level access listed in a column. Previously, the tab displayed a list of restaurant groups with a list of users beneath each group.

    • Only users that have access to a restaurant group are able to see that restaurant group. Previously, users could see groups they were not a part of but could not see employees within the group.

    • New search box added. You can now search restaurant group users using all fields visible on this tab.