This guide will be removed on April 29, 2022. Please use our new, easier-to-use Toast technical documentation site. All updated content is on the new site.

Update all day view

By default, all day view is enabled for all restaurants to display item names and totals. To update your configuration of all day view, you must have the Web Setup > Kitchen / Dining Room Setup access permission. Then, follow these steps.

  1. Access the Toast administration back-end.

  2. Choose Kitchen > Printers, tickets, & kitchen display screens (KDS) > Kitchen to open the Kitchen page.

  3. In the Ticket Screens section, select one of these settings for All Day Display.

    • To show a total across tickets for each menu item that currently appears on the KDS device, select Yes, enable All Day Display, grouped by item only.

    • To show the course and a subtotal for each variation introduced by modifiers under each menu item total, select Yes, enable All Day Display, grouped by item and sub-grouped by modifiers.

    • To remove the Show All Day View option from the KDS device ticket view, select No, do not enable All Day Display.

  4. Save and publish your changes.