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Expected Deposits and Total Cash

The Reports > Sales > Sales summary report lists the Expected Deposit and Total Cash amounts:

  • Total Cash = Total cash payments minus adjustments (pay outs, cash ins, cash outs, closeout overages/shortages on drawers) minus all tips and gratuities.

  • Expected Deposit = Total cash payments in all cash drawers plus all cash collected during shift review, plus cash ins, minus cash outs, minus pay outs, minus tips/gratuities claimed during shift review.

The Expected Deposit and the Total Cash amounts on this report should match every day, as in this example:

The Toast POS device showing the Expected Deposits and Total Cash fields.

If the two amounts do not match, the discrepancy may be caused by one or more of the following reasons:

  • Uncollected cash: If a server has cash on hand but does not perform a shift review or does not collect cash during their shift review, the Toast platform does not count that money in the Expected Deposit amount. However, the money is still included in the Total Cash amount, which means the Expected Deposit and the Total Cash amounts will differ.

  • Shift review and sales date mismatch: Total Cash is the system's automatic calculation of all cash sales on a given sales date minus all tips on that same sales date. If an employee finishes a shift review today for yesterday's sales, the Toast platform includes the tip out and cash collected amounts in today's Cash Drawer History report. However, because the tip out and cash collected amounts were not from today's sales date, a discrepancy will occur between the Expected Deposit and the Total Cash amounts.

  • Voiding payments from different cash drawers - Cash discrepancies can occur if a cash payment was taken at one cash drawer but voided at a different cash drawer. Payments taken at a cash drawer must be voided from the same cash drawer, otherwise the cash drawer balance will not be properly updated.

  • Other causes - Other events may result in cash discrepancies. For example, tips can be changed after shift review and cash payments can sync twice during Internet service interruptions.

If you still cannot identify the reason for the cash discrepancy, contact Toast support for assistance.