This guide will be removed on April 29, 2022. Please use our new, easier-to-use Toast technical documentation site. All updated content is on the new site.

Deferring FOTA Updates

When you are prompted to install a FOTA update, you can choose to defer the installation if the prompt has a Delay Update button.

To defer a FOTA update for an Elo tablet

  1. The next time you use the Toast passcode screen, you should see this Required Update prompt:

    Prompt for a FOTA-required install which you can defer.
  2. On the Required Update prompt, tap the Delay Update button.

  3. On the Pick Reminder Delay dialog box, select a time period to wait.

A system message lists the time delay you chose, and you are returned to the passcode screen. After the time delay period has elapsed, the FOTA installation prompt displays the next time the tablet is at the passcode screen.