This guide will be removed on April 29, 2022. Please use our new, easier-to-use Toast technical documentation site. All updated content is on the new site.

Installing FOTA Updates

This procedure assumes that the firmware update package has been successfully downloaded to the Elo tablet.

To install a FOTA update for an Elo tablet

  1. After you enter your passcode on the Toast passcode screen, the Required Update prompt displays:

    Prompt for a FOTA-required install which you can defer.
  2. When the Required Update screen displays, a timer countdown beings and the following actions are available:

    • The Toast POS user (if present) clicks the Update Now button to immediately install the update. Continue the installation at step 3.

    • The Toast POS user (if present) clicks the Delay Update button to defer the installation to a later time. See Deferring FOTA Updates.

    • If the countdown ends without user intervention, the installation begins automatically (whether or not the user is present). The installation may continue at step 3 or may run until it finishes.

  3. The following Install Support Application prompt may display. For example, the prompt may display if the Toast POS user clicked the Install Now button at step 2.

    Prompt to install the Elo support application.

    Note the following about this prompt to install the Elo support application:

    • The prompt will not appear on all tablets, depending on the firmware version currently installed on the tablet.

    • If the prompt appears during an automatic installation, the installation will pause until a Toast POS user intervenes to cancel or install the Elo support application.

  4. Tap the Install Support Application button.

  5. You are prompted to confirm the installation of the Elo support application. Keep tapping Next to scroll through the confirmation screen. When you reach the end of the screen, the firmware installation begins automatically and displays the following message. You must click Install at the bottom of the page for the installation to begin.

    FOTA in-progress installation message.

    The update process takes a few minutes, during which time you may see Elo progress screens.


    Do not unplug any cables or the monitor while the update is in progress.

When the installation finishes, the tablet will reboot and display the Elo home screen. Tap the Toast POS icon to start the Toast POS app.