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Elo i-Series Firmware Updates

Elo i-Series 2.0 and 1.0 tablets support Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) updates. FOTA is a Mobile Software Management (MSM) technology in which the operating firmware of the Elo tablet is wirelessly upgraded.


The Toast FOTA update feature is in limited release.

FOTA updates ensure that your Elo tablets are using the latest Toast-approved firmware version for the i-Series product, which improves the performance and security of the tablets. With FOTA updates, you no longer need to manually factory reset an Elo tablet in order to update its firmware.

The Toast FOTA implementation uses a Toast background service that periodically checks whether a new firmware version is available for Elo tablets, and (if a new version is available) downloads it to the tablet for installation. After the new version is fully downloaded, you are not notified immediately, in order to avoid disrupting your work. Instead, the Toast POS system waits until the tablet is at the Toast passcode screen, at which time the FOTA update prompt displays.


If you have a Toast Firewall Whitelist for your router or firewall settings, you must add the domain to the list. This domain provides Android upgrades for some Toast devices. This Toast Central article provides information on the Toast Firewall Whitelist.

Toast FOTA updates are mandatory for your Elo i-Series 2.0 and 1.0 tablets. However, you may be able to postpone the installation to a later time, depending on whether the installation prompt includes a Delay Update button:

  • Install prompt for a FOTA update that you can defer to a later time with the Delay Update button:

    Prompt for a FOTA-required install which you can defer.

    If you use the Delay Update button, the installation is deferred for the time period that you specify. After that time period, the FOTA installation prompt displays the next time the tablet is at the passcode screen.

  • Install prompt for an update that you cannot defer because there is no Delay Update button:

    Prompt for a FOTA-required install which you cannot defer.

    If there is no Delay Update button, you must install the update now, or you cannot use the Elo tablet until the firmware is updated.

The following sections provide information for FOTA updates.