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Effects of gratuity service charges

For gratuity service charges, be aware of the following:

Location of gratuity service charges on a check

On the Toast POS device, gratuity service charge amounts are listed as Fees and Charges in the payment section of the check.

Effect of gratuity service charges on suggested tip amounts

When a gratuity service charge is applied to a check, it affects the suggested tip amounts shown on digital receipts.

The system overrides the configured suggested tip percentages with a set of hard-coded percentages. For example, on the UI Options page, you may have set the Customize Tip Percentages option to 20%, 22%, and 25%. However, if a gratuity service charge is applied, then on digital receipt the suggested tip percentages are 3%, 5%, and 7%. To open the UI Options page, choose Front of House > Order screen setup > UI options.

The same behavior occurs with non-digital (printed) receipts if you enabled the Display Tip Percentages on Customer Receipts option on the Receipt Setup page. To open the Receipt Setup page, choose Payments > Checks & receipt setup > Guest receipt setup.

Non-gratuity service charges do not affect the configured suggested tip percentages.