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The first time power is connected to the i-Series 2.0 AiO, the system will automatically turn on. Press and hold the power button when the system is on to bring up a pop-up menu with the Power Off option.

In the event that the system freezes and does not respond, press and hold the power button until the system turns off. If the system does not turn off via the power button, you must power down the system by unplugging the power cord from the outlet.

The i-Series 2.0 AiO's power button is equipped with an LED that indicates the power status of the system, as follows:

Power Status LED Status

OFF (disconnected from power outlet)


OFF (connected to power outlet)

Red (solid)


White (blinking)


White (solid)

The system consumes low power when in SLEEP and OFF modes. To bring the system out of SLEEP mode, press the power button once. If the system is in SLEEP mode, touching the screen will wake up the system.