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i-Series 2.0 AiO Troubleshooting

The following table provides potential solutions to common problems.

Problem Suggested Troubleshooting

The i-Series 2.0 AiO does not turn on when power is applied to the system.

Check that the power cable is properly connected to the outlet and to the i-Series 2.0 AiO. If the power LED is solid white, then the system is ON. If the power LED is red, then the system is OFF. If the system stays in the OFF state, try the following steps:

  • Unplug the power cable and then re-plug after five seconds.

  • In the case that the power button LED displays a solid white light, there may be an issue with the display or the LCD backlight. Please contact Toast support.

Blank screen

If the power button LED is blinking, the system may be in SLEEP mode. Press the power button to bring the unit out of SLEEP mode.