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Pairing Ingenico iCMP Bluetooth Card Readers

During the pairing procedure, the name of an Ingenico iCMP Bluetooth card reader displays in the format iCM-xxxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxx stands for the last eight digits of the card reader's serial number (for example, iCM-20853752).

Note that the Ingenico iCMP Bluetooth card readers do not support the Bluetooth easy pairing procedure.

To pair an Ingenico iCMP card reader

  1. Make sure that both the Android tablet (on which the Toast POS app is installed) and the Ingenico iCMP card reader are powered on. Both devices should be in close proximity to each other.

  2. On the Android tablet, go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth. Turn on the Bluetooth option if it is off.

    The Bluetooth devices detected by the Android tablet are listed in the Available Devices section, as in this example. Note that the image also shows the Scan button mentioned in Step 4 (depending on your tablet, the button may be labeled Search for Devices).

    The Settings > Connections > Bluetooth configuration section on the Android device.
  3. Place the Ingenico iCMP card reader into pairing mode by following these steps:

    1. Press and hold the power button until the card reader restarts. You should see a BT Pairing Required message on the card reader screen. (If the Toast logo displays first, press the F key four times to display the BT Pairing Required message.)

    2. Press the F2 key on the card reader.

    3. The card reader generates an eight-digit PIN code on the card reader screen (for example, PIN: 46578018). The PIN will be valid for up to a minute.

  4. On the Android tablet, tap Scan so that the tablet re-scans for available Bluetooth devices.

    When the Android tablet detects the Ingenico iCMP card reader, the card reader name displays in the Available Devices section, as in this example:

    The Bluetooth card reader selected from the Available Devices section on the Android tablet.
  5. Tap the name of the Ingenico iCMP card reader in the Available Devices section.

    The Bluetooth pairing request dialog box displays:

    The Bluetooth Pairing Request dialog on the Android tablet.
  6. On the Bluetooth pairing request dialog box, enter the eight-digit PIN code that was generated by the Ingenico iCMP card reader and tap OK.

    The Ingenico iCMP card reader is added to the Paired Devices section, as in this example:

    The Ingenicao Bluetooth card reader listed in the Paired Devices section on the Android tablet.

The card reader is now paired. The next step is to configure the card reader on the Toast POS device.