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Investigate sales reported for no revenue center

If you see items reported in the No Revenue Center row that you do not expect, you can investigate why they are not being allocated to a revenue center. The order details report lists detailed information about each order, including:

  • Server name

  • Time opened

  • Checks in the Order

  • Menu items ordered

  • Discounts, cancellations, and voids with approver name

After you examine orders that are not allocated to a revenue center on the order details report, you might decide to add a new revenue center to capture a certain type of sale, or reassign certain tables, devices, or service areas so that you can capture all relevant sales data correctly. You might also confirm that, as you intended, certain types of orders are not allocated to a revenue center, such as deposits for private events, discounted employee meals, or gift card sales.

To produce the order details report for sales with no revenue center you must have the Restaurant Admin > Sales Reports access permission. Then, follow these steps.

  1. Access the Toast administration back-end.

  2. Select Analytics & Reports > Sales > Order Details.

  3. Use the View options at the top of the page to select a period of time, a daily time frame, and a set of employees.

  4. Use the More option at the top of the page to select Revenue Center.

    The Sales report with the More dropdown list selected so that additional options appear.

    The system adds a dropdown list for Revenue Centers to the View options.

  5. From the Revenue Centers list, select No Revenue Center.

    The Revenue Centers dropdown list with No Revenue Center selected.
  6. Select Update. The system only includes orders that are not allocated to a revenue center on the report.

    The orders detail report includes a list of the menu items that were ordered followed by a detailed description of each order. An example of the report for an order that does not have a revenue center follows.

    Order details for a gift card sale.
  7. Review the orders to determine whether you need to adjust the assignment of a table, service area, or device to a revenue center.