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Order Workflow for Manual Fallback

The procedure to select a weighed menu item is similar to that of a connected scale, with the exception that you must manually enter the weight into a numeric keypad.

To manually enter a weighed menu item for an order

  1. Begin creating the order on your Toast POS device.

  2. Select a weighed menu item from the restaurant menu.

    The Toast POS system displays a message that the scale is disconnected and provides Manual weight, Try again, and Cancel options.

  3. Select the Manual weight option.

  4. Weigh the item on a scale.

  5. Enter the weight on the numeric keypad and tap Done.

    The numeric keypad for weighed menu items.
  6. On the Weigh Item dialog, tap Done.

    The Weigh Item dialog for weighed menu items.
  7. Continue with the order.