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Manually creating modifier options

To manually create modifier options for a modifier group, you go to the modifier group's details page and, in the Modifiers section, set the Source configuration option to Manually create modifiers. When you choose this option, a Modifiers grid appears on the page. Click the Add button to add a row to the grid where you can manually specify a modifier option for the group.

When you create a modifier group composed of manually created modifiers, the Modifier Pricing Method section on the modifier group details page displays three options for the Select where pricing is set configuration option:

  • No additional charge: The modifier options in the modifier group are free of charge.

  • Additional charge - price set by modifier group: Adds the Modifier Group Pricing section to the page, where you can specify a group-level price for the modifier options.

  • Additional charge - price set on individual modifiers: Adds the Price column to the Modifiers grid, where you can specify a constant, fixed price for each modifier option in the group. This price becomes the base price of the modifier option's underlying item reference.

See Setting the modifier pricing method for a modifier group for more information on these configuration options.