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Minimum permission configuration for enterprises

Toast support recommends that enterprises have at least one super user at the corporate level. A super user has access to all Toast permissions for the entire corporation. A Toast employee grants this level of access to the super user. The super user must then choose a minimum of one manager user at each individual location that also has access to most, if not all, permissions.

The permissions granted to the managers at individual locations are at the discretion of the super user and the super user may choose not to give certain Account Admin permissions that are related to financial data such as Financial Accounts to individual managers. However, at a minimum, individual managers should have the following permissions:

  • Restaurant Admin > Employee Info: Allows to the manager to edit basic employee information including first and last name, phone number, and passcode. See Editing an employee's basic information. This permission also allows the manager to delete other employees across the entire organization, so use it with care. See Deleting employees in an enterprise for more information.

  • Restaurant Admin > Employee Jobs & Wages: Allows the manager to assign jobs to an employee, remove jobs from an employee, and override the wages associated with an employee's assigned jobs. See Editing an employee's jobs.

  • Account Admin > User Permissions: Allows the manager to override the permissions an employee has inherited from any assigned jobs. This gives the manager the ability to directly add permissions to or remove permissions from a specific employee. See Editing an employee's permissions.

Additionally, managers can modify an employee's credentials (email and passcode) if they have a superset of the employee's permissions at all of the locations the employee works at. See Editing an employee's basic information for more details.