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Monitoring items at other prep stations

In some restaurants, employees at one prep station need to be aware when other prep stations are involved in fulfilling items in an order. An example is a kitchen that does not have an expediter, and that either relies on employees at a particular prep station to coordinate order fulfillment or on close communication among employees to synchronize order fulfillment. Including information about other involved prep stations directly on the ticket can help ensure effective cooperative effort.

For printed kitchen tickets, you specify which other station(s) you want to monitor at a given prep station. When an order includes items that are routed to both stations, kitchen tickets print the name of the monitored prep station and a list of menu items routed to that station at the end of the ticket. For more information about configuring printed tickets, see Configure printing of other stations' items.

In addition, this Toast Central article provides an overview of printing items on kitchen tickets.