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Tax payment reporting information

You can see the tax amount that a marketplace facilitator remitted for an order in the Toast platform reporting information for your restaurant.

The tax amount information for those orders is presented in categories that indicate whether the marketplace facilitator has remitted the tax amounts for a guest payment on behalf of your restaurant or has not remitted those tax amounts.

Marketplace facilitator tax information reporting categories

  • Marketplace Facilitator Taxes Paid - tax amounts for which the marketplace facilitator has remitted tax payments on behalf of your restaurant.

  • Marketplace Facilitator Taxes Not Paid - tax amounts for which the marketplace facilitator has not remitted tax payments on behalf of your restaurant.

    You will only see tax amounts categorized as Marketplace Facilitator Taxes Not Paid if the following conditions are met:

    • Your restaurant location is in a taxing jurisdiction that only requires marketplace facilitators to remit the taxes for that jurisdiction and not taxes for other jurisdictions (for example local or municipal taxes).

    • The marketplace facilitator organization chooses to remit only the taxes that are required by the marketplace facilitator laws for the taxing jurisdiction. Some marketplace facilitators might choose to remit all taxes, even if they are not required to do that.

    For information about how a marketplace facilitator organization remits tax amounts in a specific taxing jurisdiction, contact that marketplace facilitator directly.

Marketplace facilitator tax payment information is available in the following reporting resources.

  • The tax table section of the Sales Summary report. Choose Reports > Sales > Sales summary to open the Sales Summary report tab.

  • The Taxes table of the Accounting Overview report. Choose Reports > Accounts > Accounting overview to open the Accounting Overview report.

The following diagram shows marketplace facilitator tax amounts in the Sales Summary report.

Marketplace facilitator order tax amounts appear in Toast platform reporting information.


Toast platform reporting information includes many aggregated tax calculations that are not broken down by marketplace facilitator tax payment categories. Aggregated tax amount calculations other than the ones described in this section include both paid and unpaid marketplace facilitator tax amounts.