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Route no prep items to a virtual prep station

If you sell merchandise or menu items that do not require any effort to prepare, you can route those items to a virtual "No Print" prep station. For example, your restaurant might sell merchandise such as t-shirts and coffee mugs. When guests request these items, none of the employees working at actual kitchen prep stations are involved in fulfilling them. An example of a menu item that might not require a ticket is a fountain drink. If your servers or guests fulfill orders for fountain drinks themselves, none of your kitchen prep stations need (or want) to see tickets for fountain drinks.

To set up a virtual prep station and route menu items to it instead of an actual prep station, follow these steps.

  1. Add a prep station.

    • Name the station No Print.

    • Clear the Send to Expediter option.

    • Do not select any Other Stations or a Ticket Printer.

    • Clear the Always Print Tickets option.

  2. If your prep stations use KDS devices, do not assign any of them to the No Print prep station.

  3. Assign the No Print prep station to menu items.

    The Advanced Properties page with hot drinks and fountain drinks items routed to the No Print prep station.
  4. After you save and publish your changes, items that are routed to the No Print prep station do not appear on tickets at any of your other prep stations.

This Toast Central article provides an overview of no print prep stations.