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Configure a device to not print its own tickets

Some employees are responsible for taking and fulfilling orders from guests, and also for fulfilling orders sent by other employees. An example is a bartender, who both takes and fulfills drink orders for guests at the bar and also fulfills orders from servers in other parts of the restaurant. At your bar you install a Toast POS device so that the bartender can enter the orders that they take, and a printer so that the bartender can receive orders sent by other employees for items that are routed to the bar prep station.

For these employees, there might be no need to print out tickets for any of the orders that they take directly from guests: the bartender enters a cocktail order on the Toast POS device and then makes the cocktail without referring to a printed ticket. Orders sent by other servers to the bar prep station must print tickets, however, to alert the bartender of additional items that require fulfillment.

To configure a Toast POS device so that tickets only print for orders sent from other devices, and not for its own orders, follow these steps.


This procedure only prevents prep station tickets from printing. If you change the device from quick order mode or table service mode to kitchen display system mode, KDS tickets continue to display for items ordered directly at that prep station.

  1. Add the printer.

  2. Add the prep station. Using the example of a bar with a ticket printer, you choose configuration settings like these.

    • Name the station "Bar".

    • Set Send to Expediter as needed.

    • Select Other Stations as needed

    • Specify the Ticket Printer that you added in step 1.

    • Select Always Print Tickets. This setting ensures that orders sent from other devices will print tickets.

  3. Assign the prep station to menu items.

    The Advanced Properties page with cocktail items routed to the Bar prep station.
  4. Save and publish your changes.

  5. On the Toast POS device located at the bar, access Toast POS device setup.

  6. In the Kitchen Setup section, select Non-Printing Prep Stations.

  7. To prevent tickets for a prep station from printing if they are ordered on this device, check the prep station's name. Using the example of a bar, you check the Bar prep station.

    The Device Setup page showing the Bar prep station as a non-printing prep station.
  8. Select Continue. The system saves the prep station configuration and stops printing tickets for orders sent by this device. Orders sent from other devices continue to print.

This Toast Central article provides an overview of non-printing prep stations.