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Starting shifts in offline mode

During offline mode, employees cannot log in on Toast POS devices. However, they can clock in on a device, by using the normal procedure of signing in with a passcode and then clocking in on the Clock In/Out screen.

After clocking in, employees should follow these best practices:

  • It is important that each employee use the same Toast POS device to take orders during their shift. More than one employee can work on a single device, but it is important that each employee use the same device while in offline mode.

  • When the employee clocks in, a time entry record for the employee is created locally on the device. However, the time entry record cannot be synced with the cloud during offline mode. When the restaurant is back online and the devices are synced with the cloud, the time entry record is also synced with the cloud and is available in the Toast administration back-end (such as for listing in labor reports).

  • Because devices cannot sync with each other in offline mode, orders taken on one device will not appear on other devices. This is another reason why employees should use the same device throughout their shift while in offline mode.

  • During the shift, it is a good practice to not restart the device. During offline mode, data will continue to be stored in the device until the connection is resumed. Note that the data will survive a power failure.

It is very important that the employee does not clock in on a separate device. If that happens, each device will have a separate time entry record stored locally. Conflicts can occur when the restaurant returns to online mode and both devices sync with the cloud.