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Ending shifts in offline mode

At the end of their shift, an employee's clock-out procedure depends on whether the Shift Review option for the restaurant is Optional or Required.

Shift Review=Optional: Because a shift review is not required, the employee can clock out of the device without performing a shift review. The time entry record is closed locally. However, because the device cannot sync with the cloud, the device should not be powered off. When the restaurant comes back online and all the devices are synced with the cloud, the time entry record is also synced. Subsequent labor reports should list the time information for the employee. It is important that employees clock out on the same device that they clocked in, for time entry accuracy.

To clock out when with a Shift Review=Optional setting

  1. Resolve all unpaid checks. This step is not required in order to clock out, but it should be done because checks cannot be closed from other devices in offline mode.

  2. On the device, select the Toast logo in the top left corner until the Toast POS home screen appears.

  3. In the My Account section, select Time Clock.

    The Time Clock selection on the Toast POS device.
  4. On the Clock In/Out screen, select the Clock Out button. If the clock-out is successful, the Clock Out button text changes to Clock In (but you remain on the Clock In/Out screen).

  5. Select the Done button.


    After clocking out, do not log out of the device, because no one will not be able to log back in on the device during offline mode.

Shift Review=Required: The employee must complete a shift review before clocking out. However, because shift reviews cannot be performed in offline mode, the employee should not attempt to clock out. Instead, a manager should mark down the employee's quitting time on paper or on a personal device. When the restaurant is back online, the manager can use the Time Entries report to adjust the time entry for the employee.


Depending on the setting of the Auto Clock-out restaurant option, clocked-in employees may be automatically clocked out at the end of the business day.