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Best practices and available operations

This section provides some best practices for Toast POS devices using offline mode and the current data synchronization method, as well as listing which Toast operations are, and are not, available.

Best practices when using offline mode

  • Do not uninstall and reinstall the Toast POS app on a device. Doing so permanently removes all stored data and payments from the device.

  • Because your devices cannot sync with each other using offline mode, orders taken on one device do not appear on other devices. Toast recommends each employee choose a single device to place and update orders. More than one employee can work on a single device, but it is important that they use only that one device while offline.

  • You should keep merchant copies of receipts signed by guests as records for payments taken offline, in case the payment is lost.

  • If you use a KDS (kitchen display system) device, you should set up a backup printer to print tickets that would normally display on the KDS device. For instructions, see Add a kitchen printer.

  • If your system does not re-establish connectivity by the end of your business day, contact Toast support to temporarily disable the auto-capture process.

  • You should consider installing a cellular network backup stick to help prevent triggering offline mode. This Toast Central article provides overview and installation information.

  • Keep in mind that if you turn your network router off and on while offline, the devices will not be able to print offline until the ISP connection is restored.

Operations available using offline mode

  • Process credit cards as offline payments. For details, see Credit card offline payments.

  • Add credit card or non-cash tips onto payments.

  • Printers are available if the local area network connection is up.

  • Open cash drawers (if printers are available).

  • Take orders on Toast POS devices and send those orders to kitchen printers (if printers are available). The ticket will have a Printed Offline header.

  • Orders taken in offline mode are available only on the device from which they were taken. Without a local, internet, or Toast platform cloud-based service connection, orders cannot sync to other devices.

  • Scales (for weighed menu items) work while offline.

  • Print customer receipts at terminals (if printers are available).

Select Learn More in the offline banner to see the supported operations and whether printers are available.

Operations and features not available in offline mode

  • Kitchen display system (KDS).

  • Kiosks.

  • Clock in or clock out on separate devices.

  • Log into or log out of the Toast POS application. Do not log out because you will not be able to log back in.

  • Share orders between devices.

  • Access guest data and online reports.

  • Employee shift reviews.

  • EMV credit card mode (credit cards must be swiped).

  • Process gift card sales or as a payment method.

  • Redeem rewards (loyalty) points as a payment method.

  • House accounts as a payment method.

  • Redeem customer credits as a payment method.

  • Look up guest information for takeout or delivery orders. For details, see Takeout and delivery orders.

  • Resync orders and resync all data. The Resync Orders and the Resync ALL Data operations on devices are disabled during offline mode.This prevents the erasure of stored information on the device, which means you would lose all sales data and payments without the ability to retrieve them.