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Preparing for offline mode

Two restaurant configuration settings affect how employees can end their shifts:

  • The Shift Review option, which you can change. Note that this option only affects clocking out to end a shift, not clocking in to begin a shift.

  • The Turn Auto Clock Out On option, which can be changed only by Toast support personnel.

The Shift Review option affects how employees can clock out at the end of their shifts:

  • Required forces employees to perform a shift review before clocking out. The shift review allows the employee to close out all checks and declare tips. During offline mode, employees cannot clock out of their shifts because shift reviews are not supported in offline mode.

  • Optional gives employees the options of performing a shift review and then clocking out, or just clocking out without a shift review. During offline mode, employees can bypass shift reviews and go straight to the clock-out screen.

For information about how employees are affected by the Shift Review setting, see Ending shifts in offline mode.

The Turn Auto Clock Out On option controls the following:

  • If enabled (the default), all clocked-in employees are automatically clocked out at the business day cutoff. The business day cutoff is the hour of the day when the restaurant's current business day ends and a new business day begins. Note that the auto-clock-out procedure occurs regardless of the setting of the Shift Review option.

  • If disabled, clocked-in employees are never automatically clocked out. The disabled setting is typically used for restaurants that never close, so that employees who are working at the business day cutoff are not clocked out while still working.

Contact Toast support to find out the setting of your restaurant's Turn Auto Clock Out On option or to change it.