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Adjusting time entries

The following procedure explains how to adjust an employee's time entry record. You can use this procedure for an employee who could not clock out during offline mode.

The example in the procedure adjusts the time entry's Out Date field, which was empty because the employee could not clock out.

To adjust an employee's time entry record

  1. In the Toast administration back-end, select Reports > Employee performance > Time entries.

  2. If necessary, change the View on the Time Entries page to reflect when the employee clocked in and choose Update. For example, change it to Yesterday if the employee clocked in yesterday but you are making the change today.

  3. On the Time Entries tab, select the employee name.

  4. In the Update Time Entry dialog box, make the adjustment and select Submit.

    In the following example, the Out Date fields (which previously were empty) are adjusted to the previous day's date.

    The Update Time Entry dialog box (in the Labor > Time Entry page) for adjusting an employee's Time Entry record.

    As a result, the Out Date, Total Hours, and Payable Hours columns on the Time Entries page should be updated.