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Other methods for adding modifier options to a modifier group

In addition to the methods described earlier in this section, the Add drop-down list in the Modifiers grid has several other methods for adding modifier options to a modifier group. They include:

  • Add Existing Modifiers: This option allows you add an existing modifier option to your modifier group. If you choose to override the item reference price, then the price of the modifier option will be the same for all modifier groups that contain it (assuming the modifier groups are configured to set prices on individual modifiers). See Basing modifier options on existing menu items for more information on overriding item reference prices.

  • Copy Existing Modifiers: This option allows you to create a copy an existing modifier option. The new modifier option is separate and distinct from the original modifier option. Changing the price of the new modifier option has no effect on the original modifier option.

  • New Modifier from New Item: This option works the same as the Add > New Modifier from Existing Item option from a pricing perspective, however, it allows you to immediately create a new menu item on which to base your modifier option.

  • Bulk Add New Modifiers: This option allows you to bulk add modifier options by importing them from a spreadsheet. When you add modifier options in this way, you are limited to creating modifiers with base prices. Once the modifier options are imported into the Toast platform, you can go to the details pages for their item references and specify a different pricing strategy for them. If, during a bulk add, you upload an empty price for a modifier option, the Toast platform converts that price to $0.00.